7 Day Mindset Makeover

Course Overview
  • Study: Online
  • Cost: $770
Course Overview

Tired of scrolling through social media, looking at everyone living their best life?

Do you beat yourself up about “not having it together”?
Do you look at what everyone else is doing and feel like you’re behind?
The truth is, those you see doing big things AREN’T any better than you.
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In this 7-day life-changing (literally you're view of life will change) Courtney Sanders teaches you how to beat self-doubt, fear and insecurity and develop the confidence to pursue your dream of starting a successful 6- or 7-figure coaching business.
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You have just as much talent, skill, and ability as “they” do.

The only thing they have over you is they THINK better than you do.
If you’ve made it this far, then you already know who I am.
My name is Courtney Sanders, and in just a few years, I’ve built a seven-figure business and an international brand.
Every day, I get emails and social media messages from women asking me how I did it. But what they don’t realize is…

Before I could change my life, I had to change my MIND.

For years, I listened to podcasts, read books, and jumped on every “tip and trick” I could find, but nothing worked until I finally humbled myself and started studying those who were where I wanted to be.

After joining programs, finding mentors, and even hiring a few coaches, I quickly realized that…

Successful people THINK differently

It’s not that they don’t have self-doubt or negative thoughts – they do.

The difference is successful people have techniques for transforming fear, doubt, and insecurity into the confidence that that allows them to achieve their dreams.

And once I learned these techniques…

My mindset started changing automatically

Suddenly, I wasn’t “acting” like a successful woman – I was THINKING like one.

I began to see mistakes in my business and life that I couldn’t see before. Day by day, I was becoming more focused, more confident, and more consistent.

Others started to notice. Pretty soon, I attracting more clients and getting invited to speak at places like the White House.


Are you ready to make over your mind?