Like a Boss Masterclass

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  • Study: Online
  • Cost: $220
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…And building a business doesn’t have to leave you burned out.

If you’re consistently overwhelmed in your business, the issue is not your business but your blueprint.
Or rather, your lack of one. If you don’t know how to get to where you’re going, it’s going to be stressful trying to get there. 🤷🏾‍♀️

"Throwing spaghetti on the wall" is great for pasta but terrible for business. If you're ready to stop "seeing what sticks" and start doing what works, join this masterclass! You'll learn how to maximize your time and hit your revenue goals. Discover how to quickly plan your business and profits...all without sacrificing your peace.

Honesty moment: do you know what you’re doing?

I’m serious. When you open up your laptop to work on your business, do you know the most important thing to work on to move your business forward?
Or do you find yourself repeatedly sucked into social media, random webinars, and email, only to end the day feeling like you didn’t really get much done, despite the time spent?
And what about your revenue goals – are they realistic? Or did you pick a number you *hope* to make, then threw together a bunch of offers to try to make it a reality?

“Throwing spaghetti on the wall” is great for pasta but terrible for business.

If you keep launching random programs, hiring random coaches, and buying random software to see “what sticks”, you’re bound to be left with a big mess.

The answer to your business problems is not “more money” or even “more time.”

The answer is learning how to do better with what you already have.

How would it feel if:

  • You had more time for yourself and less guilt, because you identified which activities made the biggest difference in your business and only focused on those tasks…?

  • You not only had virtual assistants helping you, but the tasks they did brought in so much extra revenue that they literally paid for themselves…?

  • You only sold products and services you loved, to customers you loved working with, without feeling pressured to take on work (or clients!) you hate just to make ends meet…?

  • You had complete clarity on which social media platforms to use (if any) and as well as which types of posts to create that directly lead to sales…?

  • You never had to stay up late or get up early again because your business was perfectly designed to fit into the free time you actually have (not the time you wish you had)…?

  • You had complete confidence in your revenue goals, plus a “backup” game-plan for days you get off track…?

  • You no longer compared yourself to (or felt jealous of) other entrepreneurs because what you’re doing is working for you…?

In other words, how would it feel if you ran your business like a boss? (And got paid like one too?)

What's Inside?

Introducing...the Like a Boss Masterclass

In this one of a kind masterclass, you’ll discover
how to quickly plan your business and profits…
all without sacrificing your peace.

Using methods regularly employed by Fortune
500 companies but adapted to entrepreneurs
like you, you’ll learn how to:

Identify your most important business

Set prices that allow to pay yourself and
hire support

Know when to hire a virtual assistant, how
much to pay them, + what to delegate to them.

 Create a weekly schedule that ensures you
hit your revenue goals

 Determine which products and services you 
should sell and which ones you should abandon
(hint: not everything that "makes money" is 
worth your time...)

…and more!