The Empowerment
Empire Intensive

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  • Cost: $2,200
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Become the motivational mogul you were meant to be

In this 4-day life-changing training program Courtney Sanders, an award-winning women's empowerment coach, teaches you to outshine any and all competition by embodying and monetizing YOUR message.
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Become the motivational mogul you were meant to be

You need an EMPIRE to empower others at the fullest level.

Your work is too big to be contained by just one product or program.
And your passion to help others goes beyond just one “niche”.
You are meant to make a big impact. Not everyone is, but without a doubt…you know you are.
Your drive to rise to the top is not based on ego.
You just know that being a leader is the only way to reach your highest potential.
Admitting you are destined for greatness doesn’t make you arrogant;but settling for mediocrity would make you wasteful.

Building an Empowerment Empire allows you to create huge impact and huge income at the same time.

The world is waiting for you to step into your leadership.

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You just need to learn how to EMBODY the message you've been holding on to for so long.

Only then can will you be BIGGER than imposter syndrome and comparison. 

Only then will you truly have no competition.

When I realized that I could CREATE my own success story and turn it into my own empowerment brand, that's when both my impact and income began to skyrocket.

I've helped many clients monetize their message and become leaders in their industries.

I've been able to do this because I don’t only teach how to be a "coach."

And I don’t only teach "marketing." 

I also teach Motivational Mogul Messaging, 

which is the key to moving the masses
and speaking so that others LISTEN.

We must truly EMPOWERMENT-preneurship 
to be wildly influential in this industry. 

This is what I teach in The Empowerment Empire Intensive. 

Once you shift from building a "coaching" business to building an EMPOWERMENT EMPIRE, you will never go back. 

It’s a shift that unlocks a level most don't have access to, 

& it’s an opportunity I would love introduce you to.
Imagine creating a success story that leaves other awe-inspired...

Imagine creating an empowerment product suite full of motivational courses, coaching programs, books, and speaking events that sell out...

Imagine setting the standard for others to follow as one of the top empowerment brands in your industry...

This is available to you inside The Empowerment Empire Intensive.


Do you believe that you are meant to make a BIG impact?


 The Empowerment Empire Intensive Workbook with questions, exercises, & quotes from the program
 12-Months access to all recordings and course materials

You Deserve to Invest in Yourself at This Level!