The Package

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Course Features
  • Study: Online
  • Cost: $3,300
Course overview

How to Build and Become the Package that Sells

The comprehensive course for online coaches who want to create premium content to attract dream clients.


One of the biggest "myths" that coaches, consultants, and personal brands who struggle to sell consistently believe is that their programs aren't “named” correctly, or don't include the “right” information, or weren’t “launched” properly. The truth is, most coaches don't know how to position themselves as the appropriate person to sell the offer they are promoting.
In other words, many aspiring and even established coaches struggle because they do not realize that THEY must be ”the package” they sell as much as their coaching programs are!

This course is for you if:

  • You've achieved a valuable, personal transformation that you know others are willing to pay for.
  • You are a coach, consultant, or personal brand looking to package your knowledge or expertise.
  • You’re tired of "hit and miss" sales and want to know the secret to creating coaching packages that people line up for.
  • You're not really a "sales-y" person and feel worn out by all the marketing strategies that don't really work and worse, don't align with who you are. ("I just want to show up and have people buy!" 😩)
  • You're not only willing to do something different, you're willing to stick with something different and understand there's no such thing as "overnight success.

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You have a retail or product-based business where you are NOT looking to package and sell your knowledge, strategies and expertise.
  • You utterly and absolutely HATE social media so much that you refuse to create content consistently.
  • ​You resent the idea of your clients buying into “you” and think everyone should buy from you regardless of how you present yourself.
  • ​​You’re so committed to the way you’ve always done things that you’re not willing to make any major changes, you’re only willing to “tweak” what you’re already doing.
  • ​You’re looking for a quick fix and will quit things if they don’t work on the first try.

The Package

The Package teaches the only marketing strategy that will always work because it is the only strategy that always has. Before the internet or even modern business practices, people have always bought into the messenger as much as they have bought into the message. The Package teaches you how to tap into fundamental human nature to create programs that can’t help but sell.